Thursday, August 6, 2009

Farmer Matty

Another video with Matty steering the tractor, with a little help from me so we didn't hit one of the trees.

Cap'n Matty

Matthew shows how much he enjoys boats in this video, I think it might just be one of my favorite memories of Matty during the visit

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Visit 7

Some more pictures and then i will have to wait about a week for all to view before I replace them with more from the visit.

I didn't even know that this one was being taken, as is evidenced by my mouth open while talking (justice Carol?)

Here is a pic that was taken as we tried to get the view of Matty and Momma laying on the concrete, by the time the cameras were out, this was all that could be found.

Some have complained that my posts seem to favour Matthew, and to that charge I will respond "yes they do, mainly due to being on Matty watch and the fact that Abby was still in eat, sleep and do business mode.)
To help alleviate these concerns(although they must not read everything I write) here is a glimpse of later pics when both are featured. The Cute one is Abby being held by my second place wife, Cheryl(Sorry babe)

Captain Matty at the controls.

Matty and I having a stare contest! Not really; he really wanted into the boat after we had put the cover back on, and didn't like taking no for an answer!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Visit 6

A better show of Matty with Momma, with a caution from his Mom to be gentle.

Visit 5

Lori(Mom) came in to the house and announced she needed a film crew, "this sounds like a job for.......................Uncle James"!

Visit 4

Okay, now the important stuff; Matthew with the truck, boat and tractor! This post will have just the truck, with others to follow.

Since no one saw fit to get up with Matty and I on Sunday at the crack of dawn, we had to recreate the drive, but with the boat attached, we used a static display.

I wanted to laugh, but i was very good; when we finished taking pics, Dave asked Matty to come out and he turned to the passenger side, said "no", and ran to the far side. He did not want out of that truck.

Visit 3

In the same spirit, we have more pics of Matty playing with animals; "Momma" our cat was of great interest to him, especially when she would "knock" on the door with her head. He would point to the door and say "cat", but that didn't mean that she was allowed in though!

His shirt read "I don't look for trouble...... it just finds me!"
I would have to agree.

Uncle James hugging Matty and trying to play while Mom took photos.

Here is Matty and Momma; this is actually about the gentlest he was with her. Not sure if the size difference played into it, but he played about the same with her as he did with Scruff.

The best picture would have been one that neither Crawford family was able to capture; Momma was laying on the driveway behind Cheryls car, and Matty was laying right beside her. The best was that as she got up, he looked as though he was mimiking her!